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Following a careful examination of the damage, carried out in consultation with the customer, Smart Repair decides on the most effective way to repair it. Specific teams go to work on the damage, using highly professional tools engineered and patented by the company, and the non-invasive action taken by our qualified, trained staff is able to deal with various types of problems. The initial analysis is followed by the use of lamps able to highlight the extent of the dent, which is then outlined and repaired using tappers, punches and levers to restore the car bodywork to its original condition.


The company’s aim is to make its method increasingly widely available, opening new branch offices throughout the world, ready to intervene globally in order to meet the needs of a growing number of customers. Smart Repair leads the market in the whole paintless dent repair sector, making it the ideal choice for any operator, from showrooms to car fleets, as well as insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, human resources companies and private customers. SR, as an indispensable team determines the quality standards of the sector and sets an example to others, while producing creative ideas and providing special projects to business partners.


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Corporate Responsibility

Respect We respect social values. We consider future generations. We respect human rights. We are open to variety and to new ideas. Responsibility We are responsible towards society and environment. We are responsible towards our employees and business partners. We abide by the law and the rules. Commitment We are committed to do our job in the best way possible. We are committed to increase the quality of life. Integrity We are one with our behavior, knowledge and abilities. We are honest, we keep our word. Openness We have open and reliable communication. We express the truth, share our know-how and experience.